About us



Our backstory

Insiders was conceived during the extraordinary events of 2020, when so many of us found ourselves working from home. Video meetings were suddenly ubiquitous and one thing quickly became clear: the dress-for-work rulebook had to be torn up; casual clothing was no longer a weekend indulgence but a staple of the nine to five. Seeing this rekindled an earlier observation – born of our frustration when shopping for pyjamas – that sleepwear was a neglected garment, with few brands offering the utilitarian stylings and relaxed silhouettes we love to wear.


Our mission

Our aim with Insiders was twofold: first, to develop a range of comfortable but stylish indoor clothing that displays the same care, quality and attention to detail we demand from the rest of our wardrobe. And second, to make that range versatile and gender-inclusive, dispensing with the need for categories such as "loungewear" or "PJs"; we simply wanted beautifully designed clothing that can be worn around the clock, from bedroom to front room and beyond.


From the outset we saw Insiders as an opportunity to contribute to the urgent rethink about how we view and consume clothing. Our first collection is made largely from surplus fabric, and our philosophy is very much about producing garments that stand the test of time – the antithesis of "fast fashion" – and about stepping away from the endless seasonal cycle of styles and sales. 


Bringing the product to life was a labour of love fuelled by the support, encouragement and enthusiasm of others, from the factory whose skill and craftsmanship we had witnessed during our previous life in buying, to the owner of our local independent menswear store whose love of the product proved a catalyst for making it happen. Insiders wouldn't have been possible without the friends, colleagues and collaborators – old and new – whose wisdom proved invaluable.


Our fabrics and designs

We want to minimise our impact on the planet, and so our ethos is to produce small runs of products we believe will stand the test of time and which are designed to be practical and versatile.

Our garments are made to be gender inclusive to reduce the number of garments we produce. We supply matching thread with each product so you can customise or repair as needed.

We only use natural fibres and source surplus fabrics from mills or use sustainably sourced or organic cotton.

Our trims

Swing ticket and string - recycled organic cotton

Herringbone labels and tapes - organic cotton

Buttons, thread, fusible, care labels - OekoTex certified

Dyes - OekoTex certifed

Washing - Gots certified

Packaging - recycled and recyclable cardboard

Our factory

We produce small quantities of our versatile garments in Chennai with a factory whose values chime with ours, who we trust and admire and who have supported us and helped bring Insiders to life.

Our factory's ethos is that safeguarding the environment is more than just our responsibility, it is our core duty and we owe it to future generations. 

Recycling, conservation of resources including water and electricity, use of renewable energy sources and treatment of all effluent water for reuse are just some of the measures in place.

Certifications and accreditations - 

Sedex, SA 8000, WRAP, GOTS, BCI, OCS

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